Verbos Irregulares que Empiezan con la Letra B

Aprende los siguientes verbos irregulares que comiencen con la letra B conmigo.

  • begin began begun – empezar
  • bring brought brought – traer
  • buy bought bought – comprar
  • break broke broken – romper
  • build built built – construir
  • blow blew blown – soplar
  • become became become – volverse

After you watch the video, try giving your own examples by answering these two questions:

  1. When did you begin studying English?
  2. Have you ever broken anything in a store? If you have, tell us about it!  
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begin began begun – empezar

  • When did you begin farming?
  • I began farming when I was probably six years old.

bring brought brought – traer

  • What did you bring with you today?
  • I brought my purse with me today.

buy bought bought – comprar

  • What did you buy today?
  • I bought a new sofa.

break broke broken – romper

  • Did you break anything today?
  • I don’t think I broke anything today.

build built built – construir

  • Did you build anything new today?
  • I didn’t build anything new today.
  • I haven’t built anything new today.
  • She built a house last year.

blow blew blown – soplar

  • Have you blown your front porch off today?
  • No, I haven’t blown my front porch off today.
  • Did you blow your front porch off yesterday?
  • Yes, I blew my front porch off yesterday.

become became become – volverse

  • Did you become annoyed with me today?
  • I did become annoyed with you today. (Se usa DID en afirmaciones así para expresar énfasis.)


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