That’s so cool! – English Listening Video with Subtitles

Sometimes I fix up for my videos. Other times I just get out the camera and hit record. This is one of those times I just hit record. Enjoy!

To get the most out of listening to my English videos, please follow the 4-step SELVA method!

1) Watch and read along with the subtitles once. Look up words that get your attention. Don’t try to understand every word. Just try to follow along.

2) Watch and read along with the subtitles once more. This time don’t stop the video to look up anything. Just watch it and relax.

3) Watch the video one last time without reading the subtitles! You’ll be amazed at how much you understand!

4) Write down something new you learned in your “New Things English Journal”. 🙂

Hey, what’s up everybody? Well, I was just inside cleaning and cleaning and cleaning my cabinets…
just = apenas

and I took a break, and I took a break, and I took a break
to take a break = tomar un descanso

…and…to get some water and I looked outside and look at what’s in the sky!
No te confundes LOOK, SEE, y WATCH.

Isn’t it pretty? Isn’t it pretty? Isn’t it pretty?
Escucha cómo pronuncio PRETTY.

A rainbow! I love rainbows! They’re just…I don’t know. They’re just like a little special treat from the sky.
just like = igual que

I love ’em. Um, and that one’s an…actually…That one is actually pretty bright.
actually = sorpendentemente

You can’t really tell in the camera. You can’t really tell in the camera. You can’t really tell in the camera…because the camera’s not the best.
to be able to tell = distinguir

I was trying to see if I could get it to show up any better for you.
show up = ser visible

But anyway, there’s a rainbow!
anyway = de todos modos

How cool is that?! How cool is that?! How cool is that?! That’s a phrase you should really learn how to say. How cool is that?! You know, it’s like “Qué guay!” That’s so freakin’ cool!

You know! Ok, well, I’m Jesi Ojeda. This is a super short English Listening Video for you from me. Alright, y’all go check out the transcript and complete personalized notes on this transcript at Muah! See y’all soon! Bye bye!

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