Jesi Got New Clothes! – English Listening Video

Watch the video and learn English with me! Below you’ll find the complete transcription with my notes beneath each section. I have a little something to say about everything I say to help you learn even more!
Remember learning another language is all about repetition. I try to keep my English Listening Videos short, repetitive, and interesting for your maximum benefit! And like I say at the end of this video, watch it AGAIN if you’re serious about learning English. ENJOYABLE REPETITION that’s EASY TO UNDERSTAND is one of the biggest keys to reaching the English level you desire!

Thanks Daddy! I got new clothes.

“Daddy” is what many females in the South call their fathers. Some people, especially males, say “Dad”. I hear a few people refer to their daddy as their pap.

A lot of new clothes.

A whole bunch of new clothes.

A ton of new clothes.

There are lots of ways to say “a lot”. Incorporate other common native expressions such as “a whole bunch” and “a ton” into your English to add flavor to your speech! 🙂
I was impressed with “un montón” when I learned to say it in Spanish that I’m sure I overused it. haha Then I learned “un mogollón” and “un chingo” from my Spanish and Mexican friends respectively. 🙂 So, learn from native English speakers. Speak like them and ENJOY English. It’s not boring. I promise!
Just for you few students who like, ahum, love slang, “un chingo” translates something like “a shit load”. A little less vulgar variation is “a crap load”.

Is this one too masculine? Hmm…I don’t think so.

We have a lot to cover here!
First, there’s a question with the verb TO BE. Put the conjugated verb first.

  • Am I pretty?
  • Are you ok?
  • Is that yours?

Next we have TOO + ADJECTIVE which means DEMASIADO ALGO.

  • too masculine = demasiado masculino
  • too ugly = demasiado feo
  • too pretty = demasiado bonito

And last, we have a sentence ending in SO.

  • I don’t think so. = Creo que no.
  • I think so. = Creo que si.

Haha. I’ll keep it.

I just decided to keep the shirt. Therefore, I used WILL and not GOING TO. Use GOING TO for things you’ve already decided on and WILL for decisions you’ve just made.

I got quite a few new work shirts and I got some statement shirts.

Quite a few” means “many.” 😉

This one reminds me of my granddaddy because he used to take me fishing and ask me how many fish did I catch.

I used some sort of reported speech here as well. I’m not sure if it’s “correct” according to what is taught in English books, but that’s what I said. 😉 And that’s the beautiful thing about English or any language; if a native speaker says it, it’s right! One of my college professors from El Salvador told me that about Spanish. I’ll never forget it….at least I don’t expect I’ll ever forget it. haha.

And I’d say, “Oh, I caught like four little bastards,” but they’re not called bastards. They’re called bass.

So, because these fish don’t have names, one’s not named Fred and the other Sam, I didn’t say they are named or their names are bass. The name of the fish is bass. However, it sounds most natural to say they are called bass in this case.

This is of a university I’ve never heard of. I don’t know who it is.

If I could reword this first sentence, I would. I would say, “The is FROM a university…” but OF works. Notice the sentence also ends in the preposition, OF. You CAN do this in English. You can’t in Spanish. I learned this on a test once in college. The teacher circled a sentence I’d written in Spanish with English structure and she wrote, “You know you can’t end a sentence with a preposition in Spanish.” Well, I didn’t, but I do now! These sentences are still problematic for me to express in Spanish. Here’s my attempt: Esta es de una universidad de lo cual nunca he escuchado.” haha! Yeah, I’m sure somebody will help me if that’s not right! Thanks in advance.

White girl you don’t know what swag is!

First off, this isn’t racist in my opinion. People have different views about what is and what is not racist. Some people think just saying the “color” is racist. It’s just the way we speak here in the South. For us, the people who use it the most, it’s not racist. We know we are black and white, and we’re ok with pointing it out. From what I can see it’s the people on the tv who aren’t southern and don’t understand southern ways who make wrong assumptions about what’s racist and what’s not. Anyway, I’ll get off my soapbox.
This clip was recorded by my black friend, Tamika. Different races have different voices and you can really hear the difference in her voice and my voice.
In addition to saying “white girl” and using my black friend’s voice, the term SWAG also brings to light differences in black and white culture. SWAG is a black folk term. White people don’t use it…at least not where I live! So, if I were to wear this SWAG shirt, people would look at me funny and think, “Why does that white girl have on a SWAG shirt? Does she want to be black? Does she date black men?” Oh GOD FORBID! It’s unacceptable by the majority to date outside of your race in the rural South. It’s not to me, but it is to my culture.
I can go on and on about this subject, but if a white or black persons chooses to date the other race there are always serious consequences to pay, like not being able to get a good job and being judged by many in a negative way. It’s so sad and I’d like it to change. It’s changing, but slowly and this is only one of many racial problems we have in the South.

You know, you’re right. I don’t know what swag is. What’s swag?

Speak like an American; say “you know” before just about everything! haha

From my understanding swag is a style of coolness.

I attempted to be cool in this clip of the video. The look of frustration was natural and not meant for the video, but wasn’t I frustrated in such a cool teenager kind of way? 😉

Drink up is an order. It’s like, “Do it now!”

Telling someone to DRINK UP is a bit stronger than just saying DRINK. Turning regular verbs into phrasal verbs is something native speakers do often to give their speech softness. If you tell someone to DRINK, it may come across rude. On the other hand, if you tell someone to DRINK UP, it comes across much more friendly.

I’m drinking sweet tea…the drink of choice for most Southerners.

It’s addicting. If you are in the southern United States, you can stop by a gas station or grocery store and purchase Milos sweet tea. It’s the closest to homemade sweet tea you can get. Lipton and all other tea makers must not be southern because they sure don’t know what real sweet tea tastes like. It’s a disappointment to call that stuff sweet tea. Ok, the next best thing is to drink some REAL homemade sweet tea from a restaurant or even someone’s home if you’re really lucky. Keep in mind that everyone’s sweet tea tastes a bit different. Some you may like and some you may not.

Sweet tea is so important we sing about it.

“And she brings me out a glass of sweet iced tea. And I’m on the tractor.”

Not once, but twice.

once = una vez
twice = dos veces
Friday nights football is king. Sweet tea goes good with anything.

My daddy bought all these random clothes from a closeout store in really big bags really really cheap.

My daddy is crazy for clothes and good deals. I would have never thought this, but he’s really crazy about shopping. He bought these bags, not really for me, but to resell at a yard sale. Yard sale jeans go for at least $4 a pair in my town at the first of the month when everyone gets their checks. 🙂 We’re planning a yard sale for the first part of August.

So, I just go through, get what I want. Some are like ok and some are like no way!

To GO THROUGH means to look at each and every one in detail and determine what I’ll do with it, keep it, give it to Tamika, or sell it.

So, let’s see what I got. Here’s a polka dot. I got floral and stripes. And floral and stripes. I got a solid green camisole and a fitted lacy top.

I thought it sounded best to say it like I did in the video, but let me word these sentences more naturally for you.
Here’s a polka dot top.
I got a floral print and striped top.
And a striped floral print top.

I even got a sweater and to top it all off I even got a shirt with Lynda Carter.

My daddy says my sister favors Ms. Lynda. I think I favor her more than my sister, but my daddy says I don’t have enough meat on my bones. Lynda is a very curvy woman.

With all these new clothes it’s time to say goodbye. Goodbye baby bib, goodbye butterfly, goodby Fourth of July, goodbye stripes, and goodbye black and white. I hope you all enjoy your new lives.

I have so many shirts that are just TOO SMALL! Like you see in the video, they show my belly! I’m turning 30 in August and I think it’s time to allow my wardrobe to mature with me. I’m not saying no more belly shirts, but just less of them. My friend, Tamika, who is about my size, a little smaller, loves to get my old clothes. What she doesn’t want or like I donate to a church.

Man, was that tiresome, but I’m finished and it’s not…the days not over and I just want to tell you thanks for learning English with me. If you really want to learn English, you should put Possum in a pen first, but if you really want to learn English for real, you should watch the video again. Ok? The vocabulary will just start sinking in through all that repetition. Ok, leave your comments, very important, and please subscribe, also very important. Your comments mean everything to me. I read ’em all. I don’t respond to them all. …can’t do that. Muah! Love y’all. See y’all in the next video.

I’m really tired of this lesson now and don’t feel like breaking the last part up into sections. However, I will say this, watch the video AGAIN! I’m serious about this. The video is short and highly repetitive. You’ll learn English naturally and before long you’ll understand more and more like you’ve never imagined! But you have to LISTEN to lots of easy to understand, enjoyable English! That’s where my English Listening Videos come into play! Listen, enjoy, learn!