Break Down and Do Something! – English Listening Lesson

Sorry, no notes on this transcription yet. If anyone would like to volunteer to write some like I do for the other listening videos please let me know! I need all the help I can get! 🙂

Hey, what’s up everybody? My name is Jesi Ojeda. I’m your online English teacher from Here comes a puppy to say hello because they’re like, “Ooo, who’s mommy talking to?” Ok, this is not a puppy lesson. I’m gonna ignore them. This is a lesson for you about one of my favorite idioms, ok? Basically, um, I couldn’t even find the definition of it, but it’s…online, but it’s TO BREAK DOWN AND DO SOMETHING. I found TO BREAK DOWN AND CRY, but I didn’t find just like, “Man, she broke down and she finally bought herself a new car.” Well, let me tell y’all what I broke down and did. I broke down…haha It might sound silly. If you know me, it’s not very silly because I’m extremely frugal, yeah, also known as to some people as extremely cheap. So, what I typically do is I use Walmart plastic bags in my garbage can. And I just use them like this, and it doesn’t really fit. So, I’m always messing with it, picking it back up out of the bottom. Sometimes I put two on it to try to make it work, but it never works. So, I found another use for these. They’re great for picking up trash at intersections. I now pick up trash at intersections instead of just random places because the intersections are absolutely the most littered. So, and it’s all compact. So, you don’t have to go very far. It’s just right there. And I think if the beginning of a road is clean, then maybe people won’t litter on down the road because they think, “Hmm, this is a clean area. This is not an area to litter in.” Anyway, back to the original idiom, TO BREAK DOWN AND DO SOMETHING. It’s like you’ve put it off and you’ve put it off, like you’ve waited, you’ve put it off, to do something that you really wanted to do but you didn’t want to do it for some reason. Like me I didn’t want to spend the money on garbage bags when I got free bags from Walmart when I went grocery shopping. But I broke down and I bought regular size, full size garbage bags for my garbage can. So, I broke down and bought ’em. haha. And if you’ve ever lived with me, you know this is, this is big. I broke down and bought garbage bags. Like whoa! Yep, check it out! It fits so good. Look at that. Ain’t that awesome? High five! Taw! I broke down and bought that. I broke down and bought the garbage bags. haha. So, what’ve you broke down and done recently? Like something you’ve put off and put off and put off and you finally did it. Ok? I’ve been putting off cleaning the garage too. I broke down and started cleaning the garage today too. haha. And I’ve only got the floor clean so far, like that’s it. I’ve been washing clothes. But anyway, tell me, leave your comment. I wanna hear. I want you to say it just like that because it’s super real English. It’s not even in the dictionary, but English speakers know what you mean when you say it. What have you broken down and done recently? Have you broken down and bought yourself something? Have you broken down and started looking for a new job? That one sounds a little funny. Anyway, I love y’all. Please subscribe. And check out the transcription of this whole video on my web site I look forward to seeing y’all in the next video. Muah! Bye bye!