¿Qué significa EVEN en inglés?

EVEN como Adjetivo

even = smooth, flat, uniform (liso, plano, uniforme)

  • Surfaces can be even.
  • An even surface is smooth and flat.
  • An uneven surface is not smooth or flat.

even = the same amount (igual)

  • Quantities can be even.
  • An even quantity is the same.
  • If I have six apples and you have six pears, we have an even amount of fruit.
  • However, if I have $20 and you have $35 we don’t have an even amount of money. We have an unequal amount of money.

even number = an exact number (exacto, cerrado)

  • You can have even numbers.
  • $20 is an even amount of money.
  • $20.35 is not an even amount of money.
  • The cashier might tell you, “It’s $11 even,” meaning it’s eleven dollars, no more and no less.

even number = any number having a factor of two (número par)

  • In math we also have even and odd numbers.
  • 1, 3, 5, 7… are odd numbers.
  • 2, 4, 6, 8… are even numbers.
  • All even numbers have a factor of 2. That means they can be divided by the number two evenly without having a remainder.

EVEN como Verbo

even up =  to make or become more balanced or equal (igualar, igualarse, nivelar, nivelarse)

  • You can even something up.
  • This means to either make quantities the same or to make a surface level.
  • The Auburn Tigers need 3 points to even up the score.
  • We have to even up the ground before we can begin planting our herb garden.

even out = to make or become more balanced or equal (igualar, igualarse, nivelar, nivelarse, allanarse, equilibrar, equilibrarse, emparejar, emparejarse)

  • This cream claims to even out your skin tone in just 2 weeks. I don’t believe it.
  • If you eat a donut you’ll have to run a mile to even out the extra calorie consumption.
  • I’d like to even out my yard. There are so many hills and holes that it’s difficult to cut the lawn.

EVEN como Adverbio

even = ni siquiera

  • EVEN can be used to stress a point.
  • I don’t even know what I’m talking about.
  • She doesn’t even care I’m late for work.

even = incluso

  • I’ve been busy cleaning today! I even ironed your shirts!
  • Mama must be in a good mood. She cooked dinner and even made dessert!

even = aún, todavía

  • The concert has been postponed. I’m even more anxious now than I was before!
  • Every time I listen to this album I fall even more in love with it!
  • This morning I spilt my coffee. Then when I got to work I had a big stack of papers to file on my desk which made my day even worse! No coffee and lots of filing!

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