Aprende Inglés de los Errores del Traductor de Google

(Se puede escuchar el siguiente texto en español en el video arriba)

I always thought that online translators were worthless until I stumbled upon the new and improved Google Translate. There are several key features that make this online translator one of the best.

For one, it translates simultaneously while you type. You can see the translation happening before your eyes!

Another cool feature is the ability to listen to what you’ve typed in either language, the one you’re translating to or from. I will admit though, the audio isn’t perfect and it’s a bit robotic but you can get the general gist of how something is pronounced.

Now for the coolest and most useful feature of all: The multiple options the translator provides. You can choose the one that best fits or even write in your own. It’s my assumption that when you choose the one that best fits or write in your own, the translator gets smarter by storing that information in its data base. If it doesn’t, then that’s a real shame! haha

Now for the feature that Google Translate is lacking: a copy all button. Maybe it’s there and I just don’t see it, but it sure would be nice just to be able to hit one button instead of highlighting and then copying with ctrl + C.

At at rate, this online translator rocks! And I recommend using it to help you with your English. But be careful. Don’t just trust it word for word that it knows what you are trying to say. Online translators still need a human eye for revision. So, you should always proof your translation and make appropriate changes.

I wish you all the best! And good luck with Google Translate!