Tus Dudas de Vocabulario en Inglés Contestadas con Audio

You can now listen to audio with just one click in Twitter with Audioboom! Thanks Audioboom! You rock!
So, to take advantage of this super feature, I’m answering the first three English vocabulary questions after I tweet, “Primeros 3 Selveros, dime una duda de vocabulario en inglés,” or at least something along those lines anyway! 😉

So, here we go! Tonight I received two questions on Twitter from @CsarJohn1 and @delapaaz! One’s a two parter, so I’m gonna go with it!


What’s the meaning of TOP?

Come on now Cesar! TOP has many meanings! I replied to Cesar asking him for some context, but I didn’t hear back from him. It looks like I’ve just got to redirect you to! So, with so many meanings for the word TOP I can’t know which one or ones he’s referring to. That being said, please be specific and put your question in context if you can.


What’s the meaning of HANG UP YOUR SHOES? What about FALL OFF THE BACK OF A LORRY?

Hang it up

HANG UP YOUR SHOES sounds like the American phrasal verb HANG IT UP which means to stop doing something.

My made-up example:

  • I’m training to run 5 miles, but I have asthma and I can’t even make it one mile. I guess I should just hang it up. I’ll never be able to run that far! (to hang it up – t0 stop, to quit, to give up)

Real examples from Twitter:


HANG IT UP in this context means STOP USING IT.

It’s your turn! What does HANG IT UP in this tweet mean?

 Fall off the truck

Something that is being sold from an individual so cheap that it must have either fallen off the back of a truck or been stolen. So, when someone says, “It fell off the back of a truck,” what they are really saying is, “It’s so cheap because it was stolen.”

Black Friday, the Friday after Thanksgiving Day, is one of the biggest shopping days of the year when retailers offer consumers big discounts on a few popular items to get them in their store. This guy is saying he can get a TV cheap anytime where he lives since they are stolen and sold cheap often. Therefore, he wants some to find some Jordan shoes at a Black Friday sale. Obviously, Jordans don’t fall off the truck every day where he lives!

It’s your turn! What does FALL OFF THE TRUCK in this tweet mean?