The After-Christmas Sale – Jesi’s Real Life English Listening Lesson 1

Welcome to the first (at least officially) Real Life English listening video lesson!

My name is Jessica Ojeda, and I’m thrilled to have you as my English student!

I’m all about LISTENING and learning better ways to learn English more efficiently and effectively! With my Real Life English Listening Video series you will be sure to take your English to the next level!

English Focus Transcript

I have put the text in bold that I want you to pay close attention to. I’ve noted what may be new to you so you can learn more!

Hey what’s up everybody? I’m doing something right now I haven’t done in years. Years, I’m telling you. I am at Walmart the day after Christmas.That’s right! Walmart, the day after Christmas for the 50% off Christmas stuff. That’s right. I am going to do me some shopping today, and it’s all because I finally have somebody to make Christmas special for. Gotta make special Christmas… I’ve gotta make Christmas special for my little man. Let’s go see what we find!
Ok, we’re ready. We’re going in! Let’s go see what we can find, baby.
Do you like this one, Drew? I like this one and this one. Score! This one is even better. Look how thick it is. That’s got a lot of wrapping paper on it.
Do we need any ribbon? Na, I don’t think so either.
Ok, Drew, which one do you like? Do you like the bear or do you like the fox? You like the fox? I like the fox, too.
Which lights do you like? I’m thinking I like these colorful ones. We already have some white ones. So let’s mix in the colored ones with the white ones we already have. You think that’s a good idea? Alright, let’s do it. Alright, we’re gonna switch out these because they’re fifty-nine point five feet long and these are only thirty-two point five long. So, we’re gonna get those instead.
We found what Drew was looking for.
Ok, Drew, we got a little excited, and we’ve got a buggy full. You know what that means? We’ve got to put some stuff back. So, let’s go to the price checker and see what I can live without.
And you would know that the price checker is not on. It takes ten minutes to find one and when you do the son of a…thing ain’t even on.
Hey baby! You ready? Oh, he’s got his bell! Oh, he’s got his bell! Shake the bell, baby! Shake it. Shake it, Drew. Shake the bell.
We’re off to find another price checker. Wish us luck.
Does it work? Does it work? No, the son of a bitch isn’t on. Oh, ok, we can do this.
Need a price? Oh, you bet I do.
We made it out of there, didn’t we, Drew? We made it out, and we got a good bit of stuff, a lot of stuff for next Christmas to put up under the Christmas tree and some things to decorate with, and some washing detergent and some stain remover, too, while we were at it. Alright, thank y’all for watching. Tell them thanks for watching. Um, we really appreciate you watching. Please don’t forget to subscribe for more English listening videos with real life with me Jessica Ojeda and Drew Cameron. Tell them bye bye. Bye bye. Bye bye. Adios. Ain’t gonna happen. Bye bye.
Leaving Walmart always feels good!