Let’s Make the Bed Together! – English Listening Video Lesson with Subtitles

So, you want to learn English, do you???

Well, you’ve come to the PERFECT spot! Welcome to my English teaching blog! I’m Jessica, your English teacher online. My number one goal is to teach you HOW TO LEARN English.

So, how do you learn English with this video lesson? 




You’ll understand more and more English each time you listen to the video. Watch it as many times as you can without boring yourself. If you’re bored, you won’t learn. You’ve got to enjoy what you “study”.

Thanks for learning English with me the NATURAL WAY! Please help me reach more students and SHARE THIS LESSON with your friends! MUAH!!!!!

I Want to Mimic You! – Send in your own video!

Welcome to this unique English Listening Video!

I’m ready for a challenge and I want you to give it to me.

Teach me to speak like YOU!

Well, more specifically, I want to mimic the top five countries watching my YouTube videos! If your country is in the top five (watch the video to find out) please send me a link to a video of you speaking characteristically like the people where you live!

I’ll watch the videos and then record my own attempting to sound just like you! :) This may be a flop (a failure) or it may be fun and funny (a success). At at rate, I’d love to SEE you too!


  1. Record a video of yourself speaking like people from your area. Slightly exaggerate your accent and be sure to use vocabulary that’s unique to your region.
  2. Post the link in the comment section below! It’s that easy!

Listening Comprehension Quiz - Mimic You

Test your new English knowledge!

Applying what you learn is one of the best ways to make sure your new knowledge sticks with you!

So, don’t just watch the video! Make the most of your study time and do the quiz too! It will surely pay off!