The Dentist – Jesi’s Real-Life English Listening Videos

Hello again! Thanks for stopping by for another look into my real life.

Remember, listening to and watching real English is the best way to improve your English! So, by watching these completely unscripted videos of my real life are guaranteed to help you greatly improve your English fluency.

Subtitles have been added to every English listening video for you to be able to apply the SELVA method to learn English efficiently and effectively. The very basic form of the SELVA method is to first watch the video with subtitles and then again without subtitles. It’s simple, but believe me, it works!

If you have any questions about anything at all in the video from what in the world I might be doing or to a simple vocabulary question, I’d love to hear it! I love hearing from you, and honestly, your comments are what keep me motivated to produce more videos. I’m waiting to hear from you!

Also, relating to this video and in my defense, is it possible that breastfeeding may have lead to me having so many cavities? It’s just a thought.